Reekfish – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide

Reekfish – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide

A fish that Yeto espcially likes. Good thing it REEKS. The reekfish is caught in the pool below the Zora Throne Room by using the Coral Earring as a fishing

UniGiant plays Twilight Princess [51] Red Fish, Reekfish

I know you wanna hurry and all, but c’mon, you guys reek!

One hundred years after the Hero of Time sealed away the King of Evil with the help of the seven sages, the land of Hyrule faces a new threat, one poised to envelop the world in never-ending darkness. The gods have chosen a new hero to combat it, waiting anxiously for him to realize his power and awaken to become Hyrule’s next savior. Join me, UniversalGiant, as we venture to lift the blanket of darkness covering the world in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

We head back to Telma’s Bar in Castle Town to figure out where to go next, point out some odds and ends outside the south gate and begin the hunt for the reekfish scent that will allow us to progress into the next area, Snowpeak.

Legend of Zelda Twilgiht Princess: Poe Guide

Legend of Zelda Twilgiht Princess: Poe Guide

Cannot Miss
1-Castle Town 0:01

Faron Province 0:41

2-Faron Woods 0:42
3-North Faron Woods 1:02
4-Sacred Grove 1:14
5-Sacred Grove 2:00
6-Sacred Grove 2:14
7-Temple of Time 2:26

Eldin Province 2:40

8-Karariko Village 2:44
9-Kakariko Village 3:13
10-Graveyard 3:29
11-Graveyard 3:44
12-Death Mountain 3:56
13-Kakariko Gorge 4:20 !Stay Toasty!
14-Kakariko Gorge 5:02
15-Hidden Village 5:10

Lanaryo Province 5:24

16-Lake Hylia 5:29
17-Lake Hylia 5:49
18-Lake Hylia 6:01
19-Lake Hylia 6:38
20-Lake Hylia 6:55
21-Lake Hylia Cavern 7:26
22-Lake Hylia Cavern 8:05
23-Lake Hylia Cavern 9:06
24- Above Lake Hylia 9:32
25-Upper Zora’s River 10:13
26-Zora’s Domain 10:35
27-Zora’s Domain 10:50
28-East of Castle Town 11:09
29-North Hyrule Field 11:28
30-North Hyrule Field 11:28
31-North Hyrule Field 12:00
32- South of Castle Town 12:12
33- Hyrule Field North of Lake Hylia 12:23

Desert Province 12:40

34- Gerudo Desert 12:44
35- Gerudo Desert 12:53
36- Gerudo Desert 13:03
37- Gerudo Desert 13:03
38- Gerudo Desert 13:03
39- Gerudo Desert 13:43
40- Bublin Fortress 13:53
41- Bublin Fortress 14:02
42- Cave of Ordeals 14:23
43- Cave of Ordeals 14:49
44- Cave of Ordeals 15:15

Peak Province 15:34

45- Snowpeak 15:36
46- Snowpeak 15:49
47- Snowpeak 16:04
48- Snowpeak 16:13
49- Snowpeak Top 16:33


50- Arbiter Grounds 16:51
51- Arbiter Grounds 17:13
52- Arbiter Grounds 17:29
53- Arbiter Grounds 17:43
54- Snowpeak Ruins 18:25
55- Snowpeak Ruins 18:43
56- Snowpeak Ruins 18:55
57- Temple of Time 19:13
58- Temple of Time 19:26
59- City in the Sky 19:57
60- City in the Sky 20:27

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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough 14 (2/4) “Scaling Snowpeak: Reekfish”

~ Chapter 14: Scaling Snowpeak
~ Part 2 of 4: Reekfish

0:04 Telma’s Bar: Resistance Group
1:21 Map: Ashei’s Location
2:12 Snowpeak Entrance
3:30 Ashei’s Sketch
3:55 Interrogate A Guard
4:47 Prince Ralis
5:32 Coral Earrings
7:46 Catching A Reekfish
8:52 Reekfish Scent

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