Trial of Survival Walkthrough – Borderlands 3 Guide

Trial of Survival Walkthrough – Borderlands 3 Guide

This portion of our Borderlands 3 Wiki Guide explains how to unlock and complete the Trial of Survival side mission. This Walkthrough will include information

Trial Of Survival Amara World Record 2:46 | Borderlands 3

Hey remember when I uploaded that 4:35 speedrun of this place from gamescom before launch? Yeah we can do this place muuuuuch faster. I tried to avoid Radical meta as long as I could but my 2:53 with Hellwalker was beaten by a 2:52. So I used a Radical aswell. Time trials:

BORDERLANDS 3 – Missions – Trial of Survival – Solo

Here is the walk-through for the Trial of Survival mission in the Proving Grounds – Survival zone.

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Borderlands 3 – How To Unlock Proving Grounds – Trail of Survival Walkthrough – End Game Content

(EDIT) After making this i found that there were 5 more proving ground locations. Ill list all locations here:

Pandora – Devil’s Razor
Pandora – Splinterlands
Promethea – Meridian Outskirts
Eden-6 – Floodmoor Basin
Eden-6 Jakobs Estate
Nekrotafeyo – Desolations Edge

It was a little confusing to me when I got to the end of the game and couldnt find the proving grounds. This video shows you how to unlock the Gradient of Dawn location in order to do the proving grounds. I also cover how to restart the event and how it works. How to do the trail of survival quest Check it out and subscribe for more borderlands content. Make sure to comment.

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