Celtic Sung Prayers with Caim duo

Jacynth and Heather began singing and recording sung prayers in the Celtic tradition when Canon David Adam, then vicar of Lindisfarne, asked them to set his published prayers to music. Jacynth researched ancient Irish and Scottish airs for David’s prayers and their first CD was released in 1998.

Since those early days Caim duo has recorded six CDs of sung prayers and two with a mix of folk songs and sung prayers reflecting the early Celtic Christian ethos that God is in all aspects of life.  They have also used words and music from other sources and some of their own work.

‘Live’ Caim duo sings a capella and in harmony – Jacynth’s ethereal high harmonies and Heather’s lower vocals compliment each other beautifully.

They are both based in Northern Ireland and are happy to travel to churches, meditation groups and conferences and community groups in the UK and Ireland to be part of your normal worship service or to prepare a special worship service of song when needed.
They have sung their prayers to lead in and out of meditation for meditation groups and conferences for The World Community of Christian Meditation (WCCM) in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Canada and Australia and have sung in worship services, peace and reconciliation events and prayer groups for a variety of denominations and faiths worldwide.

“Music to take with you on life’s journey and an aid to your travelling”. Canon David Adam